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When it comes time to upgrade your bathroom with professional bathroom remodel contractors, it is important to know what trends are occurring. While you shouldn’t blindly follow these concepts, knowing what is hip can help direct you and your bathroom restoration company toward better results. Here are a few of the biggest trends in bathrooms for this year and beyond.

1. Light and Soft Colors

Have you ever watched a renovation show and wondered why they’re so obsessed with light and neutral colors? Bright and light colors can help make a room feel larger by reflecting light and creating an open and attractive feeling. As most bathrooms are typically the smallest room in a house, it is important to use these bright and light grays, white, and blues to make your bathroom more attractive.

2. Curved and Streamlined Shapes

When installing new fixtures and appliances in your bathroom, think of curved shapes, rather than the rectangular options so common in most homes. Curved spaces typically provide more room by limiting sharp edges and compressing appliances and fixtures. This design choice helps to make a room feel more open and minimizes the sense of crampedness common with many small bathroom designs.

3. Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Recessed lighting has become one of the biggest bathroom trends because it creates a soft glow throughout the room that blurs sharp edges and makes a room more appealing. This lighting also installs easily and provides more light that brightens up the room. Try to find several places to install recessed lighting throughout your bathroom, such as along the walls, bathrooms, and appliances, or anywhere you need a little extra light.

4. Compress Your Storage

Storage is important in bathrooms but can often become a hassle when it takes up too much space. Try to build storage directly into the walls with medicine cabinets and vanities that slide into the wall and provide maximum storage and take up minimum space. You can even consider floor-based storage, a popular option that will cost you a little more to properly install in some homes. That said, they’re typically very easy to use and last a long time.

5. Glass Shower Dividers

Shower curtains are bacterial playgrounds that are not only unappealing to look at but can quickly wear down and get damaged with time. Thankfully, glass shower dividers are becoming inexpensive and easier to install. Just as importantly, they mesh well with ceramic and marble tiles, which are becoming more and more popular in many different bathroom renovation projects, particularly in homes with more modern styles.

Help From Professionals You Can Trust

The many benefits of working with professional bathroom remodel contractors make a renovation critical to plan in your immediate future. By setting up a renovation with your favorite bathroom restoration company, you can ensure that you get the results that you want and minimize any issues. Call us at White Builder to get the results that you deserve at a price that you can easily afford.

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