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Are you trying to find a kitchen renovation company to improve your small kitchen but don’t know where to start? Even the best kitchen remodelers can have a tough time with this situation. Thankfully, the following popular steps can help make the most of your small kitchen.

1. Remove Your Upper Cabinets

Upper cabinets are typically not reachable by most people and only take up room better used by other appliances. Remove these cabinets to give your kitchen more space. You can install wall-based storage devices to further improve your kitchen’s comfort level.

2. Add Custom and Invisible Hardware

Customized and invisible hardware can help to make your small kitchen more appealing. For example, handle-free cupboards help to make your kitchen more comfortable and avoid things like getting poked in the side by a handle. While minor, such steps can be very beneficial for a small kitchen.

3. Buy a Rolling Island

A permanent kitchen island can be too much for a small kitchen. However, a rolling island can be easily stored in a closet and taken out when you need it for extra serving or preparation help. Even better, you can typically use this island in other parts of your home as well.

4. Use Light Colors To Improve the Mood

Dark colors may appeal to some people, but they make a tight kitchen seem smaller. Lighter colors, like blue, green, and gray, can open up a kitchen and make it more livable. White is also a good 5. Add a Dining Nook

Try to add a dining nook somewhere near your open kitchen, opening up a nearby wall if necessary. Dining nooks provide a comfortable and cozy place where you and others can eat and minimize the room that a large table or other types of dining areas may take up in your kitchen.

6. Don’t Ignore the Benefits of Going Vertical

Try to install things like hanging pot racks, knife mounts, and open shelving throughout your kitchen. Doing so helps to eliminate the need for bulky storage facilities on your kitchen floor and can improve the flow through your kitchen almost immeasurably.

7. Put Up a Pegboard

If you don’t have a pegboard in your kitchen, you need one right away. They help you put up various things, like colanders and measuring cups, and improve your kitchen space. Beyond that, they’re simply attractive and can be used in many ways, making them very useful.

8. Downsize Your Appliances

Small appliances are often just as powerful and beneficial as larger ones. For example, a high-powered compact microwave can warm your food just as well as a large and similarly powered model. Downsize as many appliances as you can afford to produce a great look for your kitchen.

Take Care of Your Kitchen

When you want to work with a kitchen renovation company you can trust, it is important only to find the best kitchen remodelers for your needs. Call us at White Building to learn more about our services, and we’ll do what we can to make sure that you’re comfortable.

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