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Bathrooms are normally considered the ‘sacred place’ where people do their morning or evening rituals. You’ll always head to your bathroom every morning and evening to take a bath, brush your teeth, use the facilities, and fix yourself up before heading out for the day.

However, an outdated bathroom can feel overwhelming and unwelcoming. Moreover, it can lack the storage and function needed for modern living.

Luckily, professional bathroom remodeling contractors can install a bathroom vanity to make your bathroom attractive and functional. These vanities are suitable for storing clutter like soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo bottles, etc. Let’s have a look at what bathroom vanities are. Happy reading!

Bathroom Vanities Defined 

A bathroom vanity is a unit with a double function wherein a sink or basin is placed on top of a cupboard or cabinet. The plumbing is hidden, and there are other drawers and cabinets where you can place or store various items.

Besides, the unit has a bench top or countertop, where you can put necessities like toothbrushes, hand and facial washes, etc. Moreover, bathroom vanities significantly uplift your bathroom décor. You can play around with color or be a minimalist. Here are other benefits of bathroom vanities:

Hide the Mess

If you lack a bathroom vanity, you might keep things on top of your sink, which leads to clutter. Keeping your items in a vanity is the best way to hide the mess.

Vanities Are Extremely Versatile

Bathroom vanities come in various styles, colors, and materials. If you seek an industrial look, then all-metal vanity cabinets with wooden tops can achieve that look. Consider a colorful and glossy vanity for a modern feel that can make your bathroom burst with vitality.

Alternatively, for a classical and elegant look, consider plain white or black vanities. Whatever style, design, and color you desire, a bathroom vanity is fit for all.

Create a Center-Piece 

A traditional bathroom layout of the sink, toilet, and bathtub can look appealing, stylish, and warm. However, a bathroom vanity can transform your bathroom into a spa-like center. When you return to your Arizona home after a hectic, tiresome day, you want to relax in a room that relieves stress.

A bathroom vanity can create a unique ambiance and a focal point that cannot be found in a traditional bathroom.

Create a Natural Division  

A well-placed bathroom vanity serves as a natural divider. For instance, if you and your partner, spouse, or kids have found yourselves fighting for space, the vanity can be a landmark of what is yours and what belongs to other bathroom users.

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Clutter can make your bathroom look unclean and small. You can avoid this by installing vanities that create a comfortable and organized space.

At White Builder, Inc., we can help you choose the best vanity, install it appropriately, and upgrade your bathroom. Contact us today to find out how to make your bathroom more attractive and functional.

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