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It can be hard to know what to expect when working with kitchen and bath remodeling experts. That’s because there are so many considerations that it’s easy to miss out on one or two of your needs. Thankfully, working with top home remodeling companies and reading this article can help you meet all your demands and get the beautiful renovation project you want and deserve for your home.

The Steps in the Remodeling Process

When working with the top home remodeling companies, there are several steps that you should expect. Just about every remodeling team will take the following steps to ensure that you get the high-quality experience that you need at a price that you can easily afford:

  1. Planning and designing the process before beginning with any other steps
  2. Demolishing anything that needs to be removed from your home
  3. Rebuilding and reframing the demolished areas to a higher quality
  4. Installing mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical system
  5. Putting up the walls to ensure that the home is properly structured
  6. Adding flooring with strong insulation and high-quality materials
  7. Putting in the cabinets throughout the kitchen and bathroom
  8. Setting up any appliances that you’ve added to the room
  9. Finalizing the process with new furniture and accessories

Renovations That Improve Home Value

Not every renovation will add value to your home. Some can actively decrease its value or provide such a small return on investment that’s not worth it to add them. The most popular and positive renovations that you can get for your home include:

  • Touching up the exterior paint on a home can provide a 55% return on investment
  • Adding new hardwood floors may provide a 106% return on investment
  • Putting in new garage doors provides up to a 95% return on investment
  • Installing a new living space may provide a 96% return on investment

Upgrades That Can Hurt Your Home’s Value

While luxury upgrades can seem like a major improvement for a home, many simply don’t cut the mustard. Simply put, the following upgrades provide either a tiny return on investment or even actively hurt the value of your home, making them avoidable for your home:

  • Swimming pools or hot tubs seem nice but only have a 7% return on value
  • Elaborate professional landscaping may have a negative return on investment as high as -12.7%
  • Garage conversion may only have a return on investment of just 4.3%
  • Sunrooms typically have a return on investment well under 5.5%

The Best Time of Year for Renovations

While summer is the most popular time for renovations, fall is a great season to begin because the weather is warm, contractors aren’t as busy, and you don’t have to worry about snow. Winter can be useful for indoor renovations but is often challenging in other situations.

We Can Help!

At White Builders, we fully understand remodeling and can provide you with the hands-on help you want and deserve. Contact us right away if you need kitchen and bath remodeling experts, as we can do whatever you need.

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