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Remodeling your bathroom is a huge project that can bring about a lot of stress. However, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming with proper planning and the best bathroom renovation company. This guide will provide you with some tips to have a successful remodeling experience.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Successful bathroom remodeling projects don’t happen overnight, and they certainly don’t happen by accident. A lot of planning is involved in any renovation project. Here are some tips to help your project run smoothly.

Hire a Professional

If you are confident enough to take on a renovation project on your own, by all means, go for it. DIY projects can save you a ton of money. However, this may not be a suitable option for everyone. If possible, consider hiring a professional contracting company. Professional contractors will ensure that everything goes according to your plan from start to finish. Professionals are experienced and have the required knowledge to do the job.

Purchase all Materials

Planning also means ordering your bathroom materials ahead of time. Postponing this important step means delays and much more stress later on. If you are thinking about having certain parts custom-made, don’t forget to take the time frame into consideration. Ordering ahead of time also helps you save money on shipping costs. Once all of your materials have arrived, you can keep them in a safe location until the time comes for your project to start.

Demolishing Old Bathroom

The electricity and water supply will need to be disconnected before you begin tearing down your old bathroom. Be sure to do this step carefully so as not to cause any damage that could prevent future installations from working correctly. Demolishing your old bathroom includes getting rid of old cabinetry, fixtures, and drywall. This gives you access to the interior walls for the renovation process. This process alone may take a couple of days to complete.

Installing Electrical & Plumbing Components

You must ensure that the walls are durable enough if you are expanding your bathroom. The only way to ensure that you have enough space is to install the necessary electrical and plumbing components. Doing so ensures that the renovation process can go smoothly without any problems in the future.

Installing Floors & Walls

Don’t forget to include the floors and walls in your bathroom remodeling plan. Your contractor will install the drywall and floor at some point. This process is important because it will ensure that every nail or screw hole is covered prior to sanding it down. If your wall could use a little bit of additional support, try to install a vapor barrier in your shower to prevent mold growth.

Address Final Installations

This is the last step in your bathroom renovation process. The sink and vanity, if you have one, will be installed in this final step. Plumbing fixtures will then be installed, followed by your toilet. Additional installations during this step include ventilation fans, lighting fixtures, and other electrical components.

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